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Energy Smart Newsletter
Energy Efficient Building

High performance green and energy efficient building is fast becoming a market force. Why are so many builders participating in such programs as ENERGY STAR and Building America™ Because across the nation builders are discovering building high performance, energy efficient homes can enhance their company's bottom line through:

Documenting a home's energy performance is a critical piece of information you need in building and marketing an energy efficient home. A home energy rating will educate you about the condition of a home's energy performance.

Home energy ratings provide a standard measurement of a home's energy efficiency. Ratings are used for both and new and existing homes. In new homes, ratings often verify energy performance for the ENERGY STAR homes program, energy efficient mortgages, and energy code compliance.

Across the nation builders have found a home energy rater as a key ally in determining the most cost-effective method in reaching their energy performance goals and in providing credible documentation on the home's performance. Services that a rater can provider include:

As in any trade, all raters are not the same. Raters have different experience, training and skills. You should not select a rater based solely on price. The following are issues to consider when choosing a home energy rater:

Choosing an Energy Smart rater means that you are selecting someone you can trust to objectively provide you with a comprehensive analysis of a home's major energy systems and components.

Energy Smart rater members are trained and have demonstrated technical proficiency and have committed to maintain and improve their technical proficiency through continuing education.

Energy Smart rater members are committed to conducting ratings in accordance with the RESNET Rating Standards of Practice; abiding by the RESNET Rating Code of Ethics, and disclosing any financial interest in the home being rated. Through their membership to RESNET, member raters demonstrate their commitment to technical and ethical quality (article excerpted from the RESNET website).

Energy Smart provides third party residential inspection and testing services designed to help builders construct more energy efficient homes. To find out how our services may benefit your company, please contact us today.

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